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  • After Effects - Basic
  • Cinema 4D - Basic
  • Photoshop - Basic and Advanced
  • Lightroom - Basic and Advanced
  • Social Marketing
  • Web Designer - Basic and Advanced
  • Web Developper - Basic and Advanced
  • Photo-editing and photo-restoration
  • Digital photography - Basic
  • Customized
  • Corporate
Courses in graphics
The courses include theory, practical exercises that allow an immediate implementation of the acquired notions.
In order to meet all needs, the courses take place cyclically at all hours, also in the evening.
According to the received requests, dates and a schedule are progressively set.
Courses in social marketing

The metamorphosis of the network and of the social fabric inside the networks is beginning to show a degenerative process, typical of decomposition.
A savage horde of “neo professionals”, is invading the web.

Shift yourself and always stay at the top!!

Creative Workshop

If you want to acquire special skills but don’t have time to attend a whole course you can choose formative workshops customized for you!
You will choose in detail what you want to learn and what you want to examine in depth !!

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