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3D & Motion Design

RENDERING - If we ask "what is rendering?" we can reply: Architecture, items, pre-visualization or anything that can be imagined and therefore represented.
Today motion design is a necessary way for communication.

The possibility to give motion and life to objects or environments is an efficient way to introduce one’s ideas.

Possibilities are many and customizable for any kind of request:

  • Tracking, modeling, illumination, rendering
  • Compositing, post production
  • Corporate branding
  • 3D animations
  • 3D technical models
  • Pre- visualizations for architecture
  • Construction industry, parks, gardens, lighting
  • Interiors, exteriors
  • Design, industrial design
  • One of a kind

ANIMATIONS - Commercials, special effects, short films, additions to videos.
3D animations meet every need, giving a unique added value in catching attention.
Presentations of strong impact through the feature of 3D animations to convey the desired feeling to the beholder.
CAD - Computer Aided Design / Drafting / Drawing. It allows designing virtual objects in order to study their characteristics.
This process allows to create prototypes and to easily make changes up to the realization of molds for industrial production.
Make visual communication efficient is what will meet your needs.
The quality of communication is always the ultimate aim of every XS project.

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