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Glitch Pack

Here is a pack of 70+ textures maps thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for sparkling sci-fi renders!
One word: Glitches! Y’know...those edgy little effects that give a taste of future to your creations.


These maps can be easly used for displacement, bumps during your texturing workflow but also alpha mapping and layer masking.
Ready to go with any renderers such as Octane, Vray, Arnold, Redshift, or others.
Well suited for any 3D application by loading the maps in the desired channels of your materials.

This Pack includes:

140+ Greyscale Maps Sci-fi\Greeb Theme 8K resolution.
70+ Greyscale Maps Sci-fi\Greeb Theme 2K resolution.

Files info & size:

File Info : 140+ Maps .PNG format 8bit // 70+ Maps .PNG format 16bit
File Size : 606 MB compressed archive (677 MB after extraction).

I want it!

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Image maps previews and example renders

  • Mattia Faloretti - Humanoid

    Mattia Faloretti - Humanoid

  • Studio XS - Glitch

    Studio XS - Glitch

  • Studio XS - Interceptor

    Studio XS - Interceptor

  • Studio XS - Jailed

    Studio XS - Jailed

  • Mattia Faloretti - Humanoid
  • Studio XS - Glitch
  • Studio XS - Interceptor
  • Studio XS - Jailed